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Mobile Streaming For Gaiam TV

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Gaiam wanted to extend their streaming brand, GTV, across all mobile, gaming, TV/Blueray, and other media devices. User experience needed to be fluid and interaction both simple and intuitive while integrating extensive technical content.

I researched and designed the initial (UI) user interface, wireframe, and prototypes for this responsive app featuring video, audio and subscription content. I absorbed the design language used for Apple’s mobile devices, constructed the information architecture, and integrated the GTV brand into the app. I then strategized, structured, and executed UX components taking the project from concept to market while maintaining the existing GTV brand and adhering to business objectives.

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To showcase the extensive digital streaming catalog for mobile users and allow subscriptions to the service for full catalog access.

User Experience

I helped design wireframes and prototypes that exemplified the necessary layers for optimal usability. Together with a team, I streamlined the functionality it would take for a user to navigate a spectrum of choice content and press play.

Visual and User Interface Design

I digitally rendered screen layouts to conceptualize the GTV video categories, sidebars, and metadata shown in-app as well as on the web. I then translated and refined the ideas using expert graphic design. In addition, I proposed adding interaction such as transitions when a user taps a category or a title.

Marketing Integration

Within the GTV app, there was a business need for membership upsells. The lead User Experience designer and I uncovered the most common scenarios where we can place upsells without interfering too much with user tasks. I was tasked with identifying the primary call-to-action placement. I came to a solution by researching the pattern used on competitor apps as well as the company’s style guides.

JetSetTrip-Logo 2

Visual Branding For Travel & Real Estate

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A German-owned international property rental (Royal Retreats) and travel agency (Jet Set Trip) decided to upgrade their website and brand identity by integrating their services with a focus on clean simple design. I collaborated on the strategy and build for a user-centered web portal for RR featuring high-end listings and booking services, and re-branding for JST. Though the client didn’t opt for the use of layering or parallax, I used simple navigation and flat imagery as the statement of modern UI.

I produced wireframes, using HTML/CSS, for multiple web pages that contributed to user-centered design (UCD) efforts for a coherent experience. I helped improve the client’s information architecture by assisting with card sorting and affinity diagramming.

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To feature high end property rentals and travel booking services for an international client.

User Experience

I conducted extensive research to identify opportunities for improving web presence. I engaged marketing advisors on a spectrum of international consumer patterns and identified a new user persona. I created wireframes to showcase a more simple site navigation by eliminating misleading labels and unnecessary clicks.

Efforts resulted in the following enhancements:

  • Replaced vague objectives with clear calls to action, increasing bookings by 15% and swelling the customer base by 12%.
  • Improved core site functionality by fixing broken links and scripting errors, which lowered the page-abandonment rate by 35%.

Visual and User Interface Design

I sketched different screen layouts to offer a choice of functions and a range of possible interactive elements. I led the design and content for a future video intro/outro, and affiliate listings. As a Visual and Graphic Designer, I created the look and feel of the brand, website, video series and upcoming social media tools.

Usability Testing

I was entrusted to manage the usability testing effort for the client’s landing pages in preparation for a website redesign. I defined testing parameters, prepared prototypes, recruited users, facilitated tests, analyzed and reported results. I then led a team to implement the most appropriate elements based on feedback.


Quizing Your Inner Entrepreneur

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An up and coming social entrepreneur in LA with a following in the thousands wants to upgrade her web presence and integrate subscription membership through the business web portal. I have researched her previous site build, client model, her brand presence, and social media use, and recommended steps to improve efficiency, increase visibility and sales. The client has not yet released the new version live, so please ask me for a review of platform and prototype images. See below for details.

I designed a new WordPress website, integrated a successful marketing funnel, and set up a related strategy for social media content and use. I created a responsive quiz for potential clients to get a taste of the spectrum of course material offered.  Users have access to programs that offer the best fit based on their answers.

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To showcase a spectrum of services and products offered both professionally and personally. To allow membership access to video and audio media content.

User Experience

I created wireframes and prototypes to articulate a smooth evolution toward the desired end user experience. I streamlined steps it would take for a user to become a member and start watching a video.

Visual and User Interface Design

I sketched different screen layouts to offer a choice of functions and a range of possible interactive elements. I led the design and content for a video intro/outro, a website blog, a quiz, and affiliate listings. As a Visual and Graphic Designer, I created the look and feel of the brand, website, video series and social media tools.

Membership Integration

In order to maximize membership, I strategized placement of email opt-ins and purchases for speaking events, retreats, classes, and media access. We researched her competition and strengths, and decided on how to position her brand as well as the best way to reach her clients using a funnel via the web portal.

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RP-Catalogue-Pages 2

UI Designer | Associate UX Analyst

Created visual layout, icons, page flows, and logo for Chinese Health + Wellness company website and print catalogue. Analyzed existing software (mobile and web) for usability and accessibility issues and provided recommendations for improvement.

Select Accomplishments

  • Increased interaction between homeowner and service provider by 88 %.
  • Delivered user-centered design solutions in fast paced environment, with quick iterative cycles.
  • Managed usability tests, created user flows and wireframes
  • Created personalized view of content, resources, and support
Stamp original 2

UI Designer | Visual Consultant

Collaboratively designed an eCommerce conversion site for Herbal Medicine practitioners selling a spectrum of the healthiest bulk products on the market.

Select Accomplishments

  • Increased new customer traffic by 15% thanks to site redesign using Adobe Creative Suite, HTML and CSS.
  • Designed high-impact, user-centered pages that conveyed brand presence and effective value propositions
  • 25% user increase on banner ads and landing pages thanks to A/B split testing
Convergence-Poster-website 2

Creative Lead

I worked closely with a multi-disciplinary team to create an events portal that redefined the market landscape while ensuring the attainment of established business objectives. I designed marketing collaterals for a site-sponsored local festival and added motion graphics to introduce a time-lapse video of the live event.

Select Accomplishments

  • Created estimates and project plans related to user-centered design efforts achieving 10% average improved client revenue by translating established brand specifications into novel user interface design solutions
  • Applied knowledge of user-centered design methods and human-computer interaction to inform interface design solutions resulting in an 18% decrease in page abandonment 
  • Client:
    Graphic Design features strongly in marketing for live events. Here are two examples featuring print work for an annual music festival and a massive screen presentation for a popular keynote speaker. See project details.
  • Client: Camden Hoch
    How do you re-envision and build a fresh site for a well-known social entrepreneur? I started by rebranding her business and established a solid new marketing vision. The site functionality became an extension of the way this public figure thinks and…